Prosperity Beyond the Deal since 1983.

From the very beginning, August has been built to realize potential.

We do not believe that profitable divestiture validates acquisition. We acquire companies we believe have the potential to grow and prosper over time. Achieving sustainable growth and profitability are our measures of ultimate success.

We have always coveted companies with excellent product, people, and potential. Our objective is to elevate the resources available including strategic, financial, managerial, technological and human resources which are deployed to ensure success. We strive to help make great companies even greater.

We do not have ‘outside’ shareholders. We continue to work together to achieve the very best possible long-term outcomes and we experience no pressure to deliver short-term returns at the expense of longer-term prosperity.

August owns and manages diverse holdings in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and real estate sectors.

Headquartered in Burnaby, with offices in Toronto and Montreal, August-held companies operate in Canada and the United States.

We proudly employ over 400 employees within the August organization.